Medical Insurance Verification Form

Use this insurance verification form as part of your patient onboarding to ensure your office is compensated for services rendered.

Simplify your workflows

Quickly verify and document coverage with this medical insurance verification form template. Our mobile-friendly template lets your practice gather patient insurance details, collect signatures, and securely store and share patient data. This digital form template is easy to customize and can be set up in minutes. And it gives you access to a range of HIPAA-supporting security features designed to help your practice maintain compliance. Start using it today as part of a simpler, more streamlined patient onboarding process.

Protect ePHI

Collect electronic protected health information (ePHI) and other sensitive data, such as social security numbers and policy numbers, without worry. This insurance verification form template comes packed with advanced security features to help reduce your risk of a data breach. Securely collect insurance information using 256-bit SSL, data encryption, and more.

Streamline patient onboarding

Verifying insurance information is just one step in the patient onboarding process — you have a lot of other forms to collect. Group them all in one portal where you can track submissions and send email reminders. Then automatically route data to the right staff. It’s the fastest, easiest way to eliminate time-consuming paper processes and enable providers to focus on patients. 

Support HIPAA compliance

This HIPAA-friendly online insurance verification form provides the assurance you need when it comes to industry regulations and requirements. Rest easy with user-level permissions, audit logging, and other HIPAA security tools that help you stay compliant. 

Improve the patient experience

Make it easy for patients to fill out, sign, and submit your medical insurance verification form on any mobile device. You can embed it on your website or share it via email, and even use it to collect and store legally binding digital signatures.

Within four days, we got our clients off of multiple spreadsheets and disconnected phone calls and into a very streamlined system. Formstack has a great user interface that is easy for customers to use as well as team members.
JoAnne King
Director of Healthcare Solutions

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